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92 Gallon Corner Reef Canopy

This canopy contains one electronic 14000k Coral Vue metal halide bulb using a Diamond Light – Lumen Arc III reflector. The reflector has a very uniform light distribution, the highest reflectance at 12" and loses the least amount of light as one moves farther away from the lamp as measured by Sanjay Joshi and Timothy Marks.. As you can see the tank is sufficiently lit and the corals seem to be growing faster. My office is also a lot cooler!

The biggest challenge was making the curved doors. The key is using bendable plywood. This is truly amazing stuff. You can bend a 4x8 sheet length wise in a full circle, but the width is not bendable like normal luan. I am still not completely happy with the door design, but it will do for now as it looks great from the outside and is pleasingly simplistic. What I don't like is the way the door opens at the hinges. I have the plywood curved over the frame since I wanted the curved part to cover the top cover and overlap part of the tank lip This design makes the door 3/16" thicker than the hinge capacity, so it rubs a little at the very top and bottom. I should have made the frame 3/4" minus the 3/16" of the plywood.

Making the doors took a lot of clamps!